ABRIELLE CARO is a married, homeschooling mother to three cherub-cheeky children. After being covered, smothered, and scattered by trivial pursuits in retail, banking, and administrative work, she plunged into residential youth care with her husband, both in a group home and at a therapeutic boarding school. She is thankful to be on reprieve at home, where she tangoes with toddlers during the day and wrestles imaginary beings by night.

Abrielle earned a certificate for Creative Writing from Stratford Career Institute (around the time of the Y2K flub) and a B.A. in Sociology from Southern New Hampshire University (2017).

Abrielle enjoys exploring themes related to concepts of identity (individual, group, sexual, spiritual, social, etc…) often framed by emotional trauma and transitionary circumstances (rites-of-passage, moving, relationships — life!). She believes a well-plotted character is far more satisfying than a sensational plot without character and writes accordingly.

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