ABRIELLE CARO is married, has three children, and has worked with troubled youth in residential care and therapeutic boarding school settings. Her personal and work experience spark the creative engine behind her current work-in-progress, a New Adult, Speculative, one-sided romance novel about a girl baffled by her own identity – all of them. Abrielle earned a certificate for Creative Writing from Stratford Career Institute and has a B.A. in Sociology from Southern New Hampshire University.

Abrielle enjoys exploring themes related to concepts of identity (individual, group, sexual, spiritual, social, etc…) often framed by emotional trauma and transitionary circumstances (rites-of-passage, youth-to-adult, moving, relationships — life!). She believes a well-plotted character is far more delicious than a sensational plot without character and writes accordingly.

On a more personal note, Abri’s first crush was on the masked figure called Zorro. Her favorite characters, in like fashion, carry a bit of that old flame in their reflection of his boldness and intrigue — characters like Don Quixote, Sherlock Holmes, Philip Marlowe, Aragorn, and – yes – Captain Jack Sparrow, all make her smile. Mash that up with a little bit of the flowery and metaphysical nature of Elizabeth Bennett and Anne of Green Gables and you’ve just tipped your hat to Abrielle Caro.

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