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Murder On The Orient Express (2017): Review With Heart

After viewing this movie, I was disappointed to see several negative reviews of the film based on superficial technicalities or a lack of willing re-imagination in comparison with the original book and film. (You can read said reviews here (NYTimes), here (Common Sense Media), and here (TheAtlantic) for what it’s worth.) If you’ve never read [...]


Peppermint Hot Chocolate Recipe

Enter that time of year when I want to bake zucchini, cranberry, and pumpkin bread all on the same day; eat and drink cinnamon by the barrel-full, never close my windows, keep a bowl of candy on the table, and play instrumental Christmas jazz throughout the entire house: Oh, Autumn, how I revel in thee! [...]

Three Days Deep

In a world desiring peace but demanding justice, the Church must keep in focus the fact that the whole of the Gospel is both.

Busted Rapture Party? There is hope…

  I know what some of you are thinking today – Man, I bought those ‘Welcome Jesus’ posters for my Rapture Party for nothing! Once again, and again as Jesus already said it would be, September 23rd has come and gone without the mysterious deflating of strewn and orphaned, Christian accessories around the world. Are [...]

Hate Does Not Show Partiality: All Are Welcome To Apply

Hate exists beneath every label...

Imagining Something Different

It is hard to move on when you can’t imagine anything different. You grow up and grow up under this little sphere of what makes your world right. Maybe that ‘right’ is a person, a job, that magazine-worthy house, a certain schedule, white-picket-fenced routines; that wardrobe, that car, that body, that degree, that kind of [...]

Anxiety: The Creepiest Things

Those of us who believe that what is swept under the carpet doesn’t bother us do not understand how powerful the unconscious is. It is precisely that which is unconscious that creates anxiety, depression, phobias, and disastrous relating experiences. – Theodore Isaac Rubin, M.D., One To One My chest hurt and I felt like I [...]

Pimp My Soul

So, is religion itself timeless or a pawn of the times? It seems whichever you believe, good business is the pimped-out ride to eternal bliss. While conducting research, many moons ago, for an undergrad religion paper, I was struck by how similar the missional goals of Jainism and Christianity are when talking about modern movements. [...]