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Hate Does Not Show Partiality: All Are Welcome To Apply

Hate exists beneath every label...


Imagining Something Different

It is hard to move on when you can’t imagine anything different. You grow up and grow up under this little sphere of what makes your world right. Maybe that ‘right’ is a person, a job, that magazine-worthy house, a certain schedule, white-picket-fenced routines; that wardrobe, that car, that body, that degree, that kind of [...]

Anxiety: The Creepiest Things

Those of us who believe that what is swept under the carpet doesn’t bother us do not understand how powerful the unconscious is. It is precisely that which is unconscious that creates anxiety, depression, phobias, and disastrous relating experiences. – Theodore Isaac Rubin, M.D., One To One My chest hurt and I felt like I [...]

Pimp My Soul

So, is religion itself timeless or a pawn of the times? It seems whichever you believe, good business is the pimped-out ride to eternal bliss. While conducting research, many moons ago, for an undergrad religion paper, I was struck by how similar the missional goals of Jainism and Christianity are when talking about modern movements. [...]

The Rum Is Gone

I feel as though I’ve just woken up in the hospital after being hit by a moving truck three weeks ago. (Minus the hospital…?) Welcome to the post-move, normal, freak-out zone. Running in full force, we closed out our last weeks of work at the boarding school while we were packing; slammed shut that heavy [...]

Valuables in Elephant Pillows

Okay, so at this point in life I consider myself an expert mover. If you read my last post (found here), you’ll already know that I just completed my 26th move (in 36 years). However, even I still have to admit, on the other side of a move, that sometimes I just don’t know what [...]

My Bust-A-Move Life

This is my 26th geographical move in my 36 years of bouncing along the space-time continuum like a little dust particle. During the past 6 moves (in 7 years), I've spent much of my packing time listening to the characters of the Pirates of the Caribbean hash out the pertinent issues of love and war. [...]

My Top 5: Books That Left A Mark

Do you have a friend who re-reads the same book every year? I've never been able to do that. I'm a one-and-done kind of girl. If I've read it, and if it has made an emotional connection, then I bear that mark like a brand in my soul. To re-read it is like finishing a [...]

Why Is She Successful And I’m Not?

  Why does success (or the appearances of it) come to one and not another? Today's career-minded world is a professional blonde in a power skirt, heels, and lipstick, with nary a detectable insecurity in sight. I know because I struggled to pull two children out of her path when we walked down D.C. downtown [...]

The Best and Worst of Turning 18: Doing Whatever You Want

Photo Credit: Orpheus and Aphrodite Music and Photography A friend of mine has a son who recently celebrated his 18th birthday. In the category of Things Never Forgotten, I think turning 18 is one such event. You might not remember the cake, the party, or what you wore that day ten years from now, but [...]