Stories & Works

Here you can find out more about Abrielle’s current works and read some of her short stories / snap fiction pieces. Feedback is always welcome.

Abrielle’s first New Adult fiction piece-of-work, 6th & Grapevine, festers around a matriarchal society in the not-so-distant future somewhere in Maryland, where 6th grade student, Flurrie English, is a first year student at Halo Boarding School. Her one-sided crush, Geneva, doesn’t know she exists. But there are bigger problems. Her freak-of-a-headmistress, Delcii, has a lot of big plans for Flurrie’s future — and none of them involve romance. The epic battle between Flurrie’s emotions and everyone else’s plans for her life has officially commenced.

When this story meets a publisher, you’ll be the first to know.



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