Stories & Works

Here you can find out more about Abrielle’s current works and read some of her short stories / snap fiction pieces. Feedback is welcome.

Current WIP blurb:

I may be the one you expect nothing good to come from…

I may caress the secrets of the universe and still fall apart…

I may be the one too busy collecting smiles to realize my own has faded…

I may be embraced as the answer or trapped in certain death… 

But if Rosh, the threatening waters of our planet, sinks our souls first, then none of us will be any more than the backwater of a nightmare, a lost script, rocked to sleep beneath the shimmery black silk of his bed. 


This WIP flirts with fantasy, snickers with the spark and snark of a new adult, and tosses pearls at strange creatures and goddesses, while simmering several unique cultures in the cauldron of a matriarchal society in hopes of casting a spellbinding epic.


When this story meets a publisher, you’ll be the first to know.

Abri can be reached at




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